Marguerite Saegesser

Marguerite Saegesser (1922-2011) was a sculptor who later began printmaking in the late 1970s after relocating to the United States. This exhibition confidently presents Saegesser's work to a wider audience, bringing well-deserved recognition to an artist whose talent was previously overlooked in her home country. 

The book has been deliberately designed to appear lighter than it is. The open-pored, high-volume paper has been carefully chosen to allow the colours to penetrate deep into the paper, creating a vibrant and striking effect. The cover is a folded sheet of paper. It reveals the intriguing rough edges of the monotypes, which have been precisely photographed to emphasise their three-dimensional quality and rough edges. 


Editorial Design


September 2022–February 2023


Kunstmuseum Thun
Helen Hirsch and Claudia Blank


with Büro 146

page spreads

exhibition at Kunstmuseum Thun