24 hours for Joseph Beuys

The Kunstmuseum Basel is paying tribute to Joseph Beuys with an experimental project. To celebrate the centenary of his birth, around thirty invited guests will gather for 24 hours to re-enact and interpret the ideas he championed. Some of the actions will relate directly to historical events, while others will be more loosely linked to his social and political concerns.

A modular scenography featuring mattresses, ladders, and clamping sets enable guests to experience activities not typically available at the museum, such as spending the night! Handjet printers can be used to overwrite the fluid spatial setting in real-time, creating an open protocol for the night!  


Spatial design
Pre-planning the modular set
Creating sketches for set changes


October 2021


Kunstmuseum Basel Gegenwart


Internship at Ortreport

Pre-planning the modular set