Drawing New Lines: Voices in Swiss Architecture

Pushing the boundaries of what architecture can be is the current trend in Swiss architecture.  Younger architects are using provocative and playful approaches to consider how we should design for the future of architecture, public life and the planet. Key to the design approach were the ideas of expansion and playfulness. The bold use of typography in the slanting blue title is suggestive of a shift or a change. Quotes that focus on the core beliefs of these five Swiss architecture practices extend across all four walls, holding the space together. To capture the atmosphere of their workplaces, they were individually photographed in natural light. Interviews, collages, posters and drawings are interwoven on A2 posters.


Project Managment 
Production Managment 
Exhibition Design
Graphic Design 
Photo Art Direction  


May 2023–July 2023


Royal Academy of Arts London
Vicky Richardson (curator)
Molly Evans (assistant curator)


with Büro 146
Portraits by Anja Furrer